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Just because of their sheer size, 18-wheeler and other trucks inflict severe damage whenever they hit a person or another vehicle. Large trucks are involved in more than 400,000 accidents every year in the U.S. Orange County, as a commercial center, distribution gateway, and approach to major international ports, hosts significant truck traffic, increasing the risk for drivers who live or visit the area. Thousands of people die each year from collisions involving big rigs and straight trucks.

Truck drivers are under pressure to deliver their cargo as quickly as possible. This may incentivize them to drive overly long hours, causing fatigue and lack of focus. Whatever the reason and no matter who gets hurt in an Orange County, CA truck accident – a pedestrian, another motorist, a pedestrian, of bicyclist – the experts at Pro Attorneys can help.


Pro Attorneys have experience in unraveling the legal and investigative issues involved in truck accidents. They will uncover the accident’s cause, clarify the roles each vehicle and driver played, and aggressively advocate for your rights. The trucking company’s insurance carrier has one objective – to deny liability and keep payouts as low as possible. Pro Attorneys painstakingly builds your case, including every detail to prove who is at fault and to show why the responsible party should pay you the full value of the compensation you deserve. With us in your corner, you will recover the highest settlements and court-ordered awards. When you hire us to represent you in a truck accident case, you benefit in multiple ways:

  1. You won’t be compelled to accept the insurance company’s initial lowball offer. Our attorneys will calculate what your claim is worth, and we won’t settle for a dollar less. Trucking and insurance companies know this; that’s why they rush to settle so victims lose their right to take legal action later. If you or someone you know has been injured in a big rig accident call an Orange County, CA injury accident attorney from Pro Attorneys for a free consultation: (833) 776-3777. That way, you will understand all your rights and can negotiate from a position of strength.
  2. You will have a tireless champion on you side who will fight for payment for your medical and car repair bills, time away from work, future expenses, pain and suffering, and more.
  3. We will find the responsible parties. The truck driver may not be the only one at fault for an accident. Pro Attorneys will examine truck maintenance records to see if the fleet operator may have contributed to your injuries. We will check that the company exercised due diligence in vetting the driver, that the roadway was adequately maintained, and dozens of other details.

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