Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and Fall Lawyer Orange County, CA

Slips, trips, and falls may fodder for slapstick comedies, but when they cause real injuries, they are no laughing matter. Slips and falls can occur in grocery stores, restaurants, offices, workshops, construction sites, and anywhere dropper or misplaced items pose a hazard. They cause people to land awkwardly, often leading to twisted ankles, sprained wrists, broken hips, and even more critical injuries such as head trauma and paralysis. They are nothing to be trifled with, especially if your slip and fall injury is the result of another’s sloppiness or negligence. If you have suffered this type of injury in Orange County, CA call an expert slip and fall accident attorney from Pro Attorneys for a free consultation: (833) 776-3777.

We will track down the person or company to blame for your accident, whether it’s the result of a rain-slick floor a business owner neglected to mop up, a spilled product in a supermarket aisle, an oily patch outside a gas station, or any other laxly maintained area.

Your Rights

Whatever establishment you patronize or visit in Orange County, CA, the proprietor must keep the place safe. State and federal law, as well as a host of workplace, food service, housing, and other regulations make it clear that areas open to foot traffic must be kept clear. When those responsible fail in this duty, they are liable for the damage it causes.

Pro Attorneys understands these responsibilities and stands ready to help you collect the compensation your injury demands. Call us (833) 776-3777 to discuss your rights and learn how we can help.

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