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Here at Pro Injury Attorneys, we have a simple philosophy. We treat every one of our clients’ that place their trust in us as family. If you retain our legal services, we will provide you with around the clock access to our legal professionals and staff, will keep you updated frequently along the way, and will fight within the confines of the law in an effort to get you a satisfactory result.

Masih founded Pro Injury Attorneys to find ways to provide injured parties not only a satisfactory recovery, but also to provide excellent service along the way. Far too often do clients represented by other law firms or lawyers have little or no access to their licensed attorneys. Masih is dedicated to the simple principle that he knows from personal experience goes a long way for those in need of compassion during their journey to obtain justice: access to their attorney. As the managing partner, Masih’s primary focus is to make sure that every client that retains Pro Injury Attorneys, APC, receives the medical attention they need, the proper legal services they need, and to be apprised of developments in their case.

Integrity: Trust isn’t something given, it’s earned. Being straightforward with our clients is the foundation of our relationship. We do this by carefully listening to your situation and setting realistic expectations.

Dedication: We are passionate about helping  accident victims and their families through their most difficult times. We understand how difficult it can be to overcome an injury and we will stick with you every step of the way.

Knowledge: Our team of qualified, experienced and knowledgeable is always stay updated that help us to make sure 100% success.

Experience. Our combined history covers a wide range of practical legal experience and we have helped our clients attain millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts. 

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    What Our Clients Say

    • Getting into a car accident with an uninsured driver was a nightmare. I had no idea where to even begin. The team at Pro Injury Attorneys helped me every step of the way and I was able to obtain the full policy limits available through my uninsured motorist coverage. I would trust Pro Injury Attorneys with future needs and would recommend them to all of my friends and family.

      Reza B.

      California Resident and Former Client
    • I hired Pro Injury Attorneys when my daughter was injured due to a dangerous condition inside an apparel store. Pro Injury Attorneys was able to obtain a very favorable result for my daughter and she now is set to receive her recovery at age 18, 19, 20, and 21 (her college years). I am very satisfied with the handling of my daughter’s case throughout.

      Amy D. -

      California Resident and Former Client
    • I never imagined that I would need a personal injury attorney. When I did, I was happy to find the team at Pro Injury Attorneys. I was injured by my neighbors dog and required treatment on my dominant hand. I was super satisfied with the result the attorneys at Pro Injury Attorneys obtained for me.

      Dawn S.

      California Resident and Former Client
    • I was frightened when I was hit by a stolen RV that was in a high speed police pursuit. Gladly I found the team at Pro Injury Attorneys and was able to get a favorable recovery. I hope I never need to go through this process again, but if I do, I am sure glad to know I can count on Pro Injury Attorneys to help.

      Courtney Y.

      California Resident and Former Client

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