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Some 5,000 people die in motorcycle crashes every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control. That’s 55 deaths per 100,000 registered motorcycles. Motorcycle riders are more than 5 ½ times more likely than automobile drivers to die in an accident. If you have lost a loved one due to a motorcycle accident or if you have been injured as a motorcycle operator or passenger, know that help is available. You may be eligible for compensation as you strive to put your life back together. If the accident occurred in or you live in or near Orange County, CA, contact a motorcycle accident attorney from Pro Attorneys today.



There is a common misconception that motorcycle riders often drive recklessly, leading to serious accidents attributable to operator error. While this may be the case in some crashes, a great number of crashes involving motorcycles are in fact caused by the negligence of automobile drivers infringing on riders’ rights. Because motorcycles occupy a smaller profile than other vehicles, they are more difficult to spot, requiring car and truck operators to pay greater attention. We often see cars and trucks swerving into the path of motorcycles, pulling out or turning in front of bikes, or failing to yield the right-of-way, causing collisions with motorcycles or forcing their drivers to take evasive action that causes them to wreck.

Passenger vehicle drivers may fail to signal a turn or lane change. They may rely on only their mirrors, failing to check their blind spots when maneuvering; They can become distracted by their cell phone, a spilled drink, the radio, other occupants, or any number of variables and veer into a motorcycle’s path. Any of these may make the driver guilty of negligence if it results in an accident. Truck and car drivers have a responsibility to maintain their full attention on their driving and the potential hazards involved in operating a motor vehicle. Any lapse in their awareness can form the basis for your claim. Holding negligent drivers responsible by filing a claim for your Orange County, CA motorcycle accident not only can help you recoup damages they caused, but also keep our roadways safer by spotlighting the need to stay vigilant behind the wheel.


Traffic deals with rough pavement, imperfectly repaired potholes, construction debris, and other roadway obstructions every day. But what can cause irritation or minor vehicle damage for drivers of passenger vehicles can prove deadly for motorcyclists. Hitting a pothole at speed or swerving to avoid a spilled load easily can cause a motorcycle driver to lose control and crash onto the pavement or into guardrails or the path of another vehicle. Federal, state, and local jurisdictions are responsible for maintaining quality roadways When they don’t, they should pay for the property damage and bodily injuries it causes. Similarly, businesses such as trash haulers, movers, landscaping companies, and construction firms that do not take care to keep debris off the roads must be held accountable.


Motorcycle manufacturers and maintenance companies must ensure the equipment they provide and service they perform the way it is supposed to. Faulty brakes, steering, clutches, and engines can cause the bike to act erratically, putting the operator in danger. Whether through defective parts, bad design, or poor workmanship, faulty equipment causes many motorcycle accidents, and offer a strong basis for filing a lawsuit.


Serious injury is the all-too-common result of many motorcycle accidents in Orange County:

  • Brain injury – Even with a helmet, motorcyclists knocked form their bikes may endure major head injuries. These may affect their ability to think and reason and result in the loss of motor skills needed to feed, bathe, and care for themselves.
  • Spinal injury and paralysis – Any injury to the back can have long-lasting repercussions. Vertebra and difficult to realign, and damage to the spinal cord is irreversible. Paralysis will require additional care and perhaps round-the-clock assistance that would devastate a family’s finances if the responsible parties are not made to pay.
  • Loss of limb – similarly, losing an arm or a leg necessitates long, painful rehabilitation as well as the necessity of coming to grips with the loss. Physical and emotional recovery can take some time and result in lost wages as well as hefty medical bills.
  • Fractures and abrasions – Even “everyday” injuries such as broken bones and “road rash” are painful, costly, and potentially long-lasting.

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